Blue lights and windows

In Paris there is a neighbourhood that scapes time, there is a heart that is pounding silently, a secret voyeur of the city from its hill. A place that has lived many lives and has been a witness of wonderful art.

And in a small square of this oasis, a few blue lights and a beautiful window.

What do windows have that I love so much?

Blue lights and windows



For some time now I’ve noticed that I’m quite obsessed with windows… there’s not even a single trip where I don’t make a photograph of a window.

Of course, I knew it, it’s just I’d never truly thought about it until recently…

Anyways, these are from Bordeaux:

Rue Notre-Dame

What could be on the other side of that window? A room full of books, maybe? A big table with mismatched chairs, all of them with a story behind: one bought in Taiwan, another rescued from its imminent fate as litter, the red one was a present of an ex-boyfriend, still friends although everything changed. Maybe there’s a little space dedicated to take tea everyday at the same time, while looking out the window, while thinking about life and crazy ideas about love. In the corner, is it perhaps the favourite spot of a cat named Kite?

What indeed could be on the other side of the window of Rue Notre-Dame?

¿Qué puede haber al otro lado de esa ventana? ¿Una habitación repleta de libros, quizá? Una mesa con sillas desparejadas, todas ellas con una historia detrás: una comprada en Taiwan, otra rescatada de su inminente destino como basura, la roja fue un regalo de un ex-novio, aún son amigos a pesar de que todo cambió. Quizá hay un pequeño espacio dedicado a tomar el té cada día a la misma hora, mientras mira por la ventana, mientras piensa sobre la vida y locas ideas sobre el amor. En la esquina, ¿es quizá el rincón favorito de un gato llamado Kite?

¿Qué puede haber  al otro lado de la ventana de la Rue Notre-Dame?

Reflections and maps

I think I need a map to try to find myself again. Lately, I see my photographs all equal, with no special touch, just dull and boring. This is one of the few that may be saved from the sifting.

Reflections and maps

Creo que necesito un mapa para intentar volver a encontrarme. Últimamente veo mis fotos todas iguales, sin nada especial, sosas y aburridas. Ésta es una de las pocas que se salva de la criba.

The other side of the window

Have you ever feel you’ve lost your inner self? Your creativity and inspiration? From time to time I don’t know what to photograph, I have no ideas and no eagerness to grab the camera and take photographs…

It’s like looking at a mirror without a reflection. You can’t find what you’re looking for.

The other side of the window

¿Alguna vez has sentido que has perdido tu interior? ¿Tu creatividad y tu inspiración? De vez en cuando, no sé qué fotografiar, no tengo ideas ni tampoco ese ímpetu por coger la cámara y hacer fotos…

Es como mirar a un espejo que no tiene reflejo. No puedes encontrar lo que estás buscando.