Plain photo

This photograph isn’t particularly beautiful, or especial, or has a stunning perspective … either is edited in some avant-garde way, but it is really important for me, as it represents the final way of a wandering day in Tokyo.

What if we just take / show photographs that we love instead of images of what the world might like? Can you imagine?


The first time I went to London (November 2016), we got lost searching I don’t even remember what…

It was a cold afternoon, with that drizzle so uncomfortable, we were tired of walking and just wanted to get to whatever spot we were visiting… but then, all of a sudden, this view:

So maybe it’s not that bad to get lost sometimes…

The end of the road

Curiosity may kill the cat but apathy will kill your spirit.

At the end of the road there’s a secret passage to a mysterious place. Let’s explore everything around us.

Es posible que la curiosidad mate al gato, pero la apatía mata el espíritu. Al final de la calle hay un pasaje secreto a un lugar misterioso. Exploremos todo lo que hay a nuestro alrededor.