Ghost station

In the depths of Madrid there’s a place where time stopped many years ago, where you feel like a ghost, a voyeur of the daily routine of Metro riders, where you sense the hustle and bustle of older times.

This place is Chamberí Station, an old Metro station that was on use just for a few decades, but enough to bring to Madrid the greatness of the new means of transport. Since 2007 it’s a (free) museum, a very particular one as the new one still runs through it, so you feel like a shadow of the past, watching the train coming and going with all its passengers on it.

Mind the gap

My last visit to London was a lightning trip, mostly to the Harry Potter studios in Watford (A-MA-ZING) but I still had time to take this photograph.

Mind the gap

Mi última visita a Londres fue un viaje relámpago principalmente para visitar los estudios de Harry Potter en Watford (IN-CRE-Í-BLE) pero aún tuve algo de tiempo para hacer esta foto.

Japanese words

Some words written on the steps of a underground station. I have no idea what they say (something ending with “please”)


Palabras escritas en la escalera de una estación de metro. No tengo ni idea de lo que significan (algo que termina con un “por favor”)


I love this photograph… Even though you can’t say it’s technically well done; it doesn’t show anything amazing or beautiful, it doesn’t have a meaningful, deep message. But I do love it. Is it because of the memories?



Me encanta esta fotografía… A pesar de que no se pueda decir que esté “técnicamente” bien hecha; no muestra nada increíble o bonito, ni tiene un mensaje significativo o profundo. Pero me encanta. ¿Es acaso por los recuerdos?

Camden Town… again

I’m editing some photos I took last week, in the meantime, I wanted to show you some photos of Camden Town while missing the city {and its weather}

Of course, the underground.

I love this pic… It has a vintage look that captures the essence of the place and all the shops and stuff inside the Horse Hospital.
And talking about the inside of the Horse Hospital, here it is!


I like to take photos of the underground, it’s full of people, of life, I find it interesting and it’s always a chalenge. But it’s also a bit difficult for different reasons: first, the light is not the perfect for a low ISO and second (and most important) in most cities it is forbidden to take pictures inside the underground (once someone told me in Madrid you can ask for a especial permission, but I never tried it)

Anyway, we’ll always have the exterior of the stations or take the pics without anyone noticing (but don’t tell anyone I say this)