The office was always hectic, full of life and people moving from one place to another with papers, notebooks and juicy news of the latest scandal. The beautiful noise of typewriters never stopped, to the annoyance of the adjoining houses, the newspaper had to come out without delay. The smoke of cigarettes was often mixed with the smell of fresh ink, meat and tomato from the sandwiches of the shop downstairs, oregano from the pizzas from around the corner, and coffee, so much coffee we had more of it in our veins that actual blood.

But now there’s just silence, no typewriters, no more tasty smells to accompany the lonely nights, the smoke has vanished, the ink has dried. It all remains in silence.

Almoneda: part II


The great thing about Almoneda is to be able to see a lot of things {so beautiful things} all at once and in the same place.

Lo mejor de Almoneda es poder ver un montón de cosas {y tan bonitas} a la vez y en el mismo sitio.


When I saw the old cameras I felt {almost} in Paradise!

Cuando vi las viejas cámaras me sentí {casi} ¡en el Paraíso!


Of course I have a lot more pictures, but for today, just a few treasures in black and white.

Por supuesto que tengo muchas más fotos, pero por hoy, sólo unos cuantos tesoros en blanco y negro.

Clutter Desk


This is a poster I made for my Digital Infography class. It’s made with two of my photographs, one of a typewriter (love them) and the other one is my sister! This was a fake film poster, and the plot? well, it tells the story of a writer that can’t write a word without alcohol or pills, he’s searching sources for a novel and he begin to see a girl. At one point in the plot he doesn’t know what is real and what is fake, a product of his mind and alcohol.

I hope I succeed!

(if not, suggestions are welcomed)