Sumi was a little girl so kind and good everybody thought she was a descendant of the Gods. With her hair silver as the moon in a summer night and her skin as white as the snowy winter, Sumi lived to be loved and treasure by everyone in the village. Her parents gave her a blue kimono that represented the flow of a river that is time, in an attempt to make her live forever.

But Sumi’s heart was obscure and full of fears, so many years has been she adored that a wall was built inside of her soul. She could not feel love nor hate, she did not felt pain nor passion. She became a doll for the devotion of all.

In blue, silver and white. Forever.

Toy Series: The Little Cow

My grandma gave this little cow to me a long, long time ago trying to make me eat my dish of lentils … and it worked! Now, everytime I eat lentils {and I love them with rice and pumpkin} this little cow comes to mind and the funny story about it.

Mi abuela me regaló esta vaquita hace mucho, mucho tiempo, intentando hacerme comer mi plato de lentejas… ¡y funcionó! Ahora, cada vez que como lentejas {y me encantan con arroz y calabaza} me acuerdo de esta vaquita y la historia tan graciosa que encierra.

Little china cow

Everything has a story behind, a soul.

Todo tiene detrás una historia, un alma.

Toy Series: Lady

I love porcelain dolls, I don’t have much (just two) but I like them. Most people think they’re creepy and dark, well, some of them might seem that way, but I love mine, especially this one:

My globe – The simple things

I got this globe/lamp from one of my aunts a long time ago. I have a lot {really, a lot} of things so for many years I kept it in the wardrobe, but one day I decided it was time to show it again. When my aunt gave it to me, I used to spin and stop it with my finger and say “One day, I will go there”. Don’t you love the simple things that made you happy when you were a kid? I think it is time to dream again.


{It has nothing to do with this post, really, but here it’s a song I love, just because it was playing while I was writing this post}

Toy Series: DeLorean Time Machine

I love the movie ‘Back to the Future’ (especially the first part) so it was a matter of time that someone (as crazy as I am for this trilogy) gave me the first movie model of the DeLorean.

This post is dedicated to that person and another friend who is also a huge fan.

{I have to say that I loooove this picture with the focus in the wing-mirror}

And… the Spanish version… just because I love the dubbing!

Toy Series: Pinypon

A few days ago I was bored at home with nothing to do (and nothing to want to do), when I turned around and saw the bookcase where I have some of my comic books and toys and I just realized that I’ve never photographed them, so I wonder if I was sooo bored why not escape boredom by taking some pics of my toys??

The first pic of this series is for Pinypon, a little figure (no more than 4 cm) that the Spanish company Famosa produced in the 70’s, this little creatures of mine are from the 90’s (I have one of the 80’s… somewhere) and the only survivors of my sister’s damages and my mother’s throwing away days… I loved them because there were soooo small and cute!! The company still produces them but they’ve changed their faces and I just can’t stand the new ones

Of course, they had all sorts of things: a farm, a house (with garden!), an stable, a big wheel, a carriage, a carousel……… My cousin and I had the farm and a little house and we spent hours playing with our Pinypon toys. Good times.

Searching for info about these toys, I’ve found an old spot of the farm!