The first time I went to London (November 2016), we got lost searching I don’t even remember what…

It was a cold afternoon, with that drizzle so uncomfortable, we were tired of walking and just wanted to get to whatever spot we were visiting… but then, all of a sudden, this view:

So maybe it’s not that bad to get lost sometimes…

The Tower Bridge – London

I have mixed feelings towards London’s Tower Bridge, I can’t decide whether I like it or not… On one hand I like the toughness of the rock and the blues and whites in contrast. On the other, that same ruggedness make it seem like a big block in the middle of the river.

Tengo sentimientos encontrados respecto al Tower Bridge de Londres, no puedo decidir si me gusta o no… Por un lado me gusta la robustez de la roca y los azules y blancos en contraste. Por otro, esa misma aspereza lo hace parecer una gran mole en medio del río.

The Tower Bridge

In any case, my favourite view of it is at night, a silhouette in the dark night.

En cualquier caso, mi vista favorita es por la noche, una silueta en la noche oscura.

Tower Bridge Tower Bridge