Where the witches live

Near the way to the mountain, not so far from the village, there’s a path that leads to a stream hidden under the grass and ferns. Only the eldest of the village remember the story of the Witches who lived beyond the boundaries of the forest, following up the stream and under the old oak tree. There, just there, lay the entrance to an unknown world of mystery.



Last weekend I went to my mom’s village up in the mountain in Gredos, Ávila. Every time I need to scape and recharge my batteries I go there. The weather is amazing, so cold at night that even in the summer you need to sleep with a blanket or wear long sleeves (fyi: I live in the hot hot hot Madrid), the silence is golden, if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of the water flowing on the plaza’s fountain.

With almost no signal on your phone, it’s the perfect place to evade your daily life and problems. And the perfect place to take this kind of photographs.


There’s something magical about words and language, how a feeling, an emotion, an image can be embodied in something as small as a word. That’s the case of the Japanese word komorebi {木漏れ日} , which means the ‘sunlight filtering through trees’. Both in English and Spanish, there’s no translation to this word, but I think we all can understand the full meaning of it.

Here, just a few photographs of komorebi, taken in my mum’s village, in the mountains of Gredos, Ávila. I miss its tranquillity and coolness.

Hay algo mágico en las palabras y el lenguaje, cómo una sensación, una emoción, una imagen puede estar simbolizada en algo tan “pequeño” como una palabra. Ése es el caso de la palabra japonesa “komorebi” {木漏れ日}, que significa “los rayos del sol que se filtran a través de los árboles”. Tanto en inglés como en español, no hay una traducción para esta palabra, pero creo que se puede entender perfectamente su sentido.

Aquí muestro algunas fotografías de komorebi, tomadas en el pueblo de mi madre, en las montañas de Gredos, Ávila. Echo de menos su tranquilidad y frescor.