Stockholm in black and white

… and geometrical.


From some time now I’ve been noticing how people are really scared of failure, of seeking help (mostly in the workplace), finally of moving on and experiment. I’m not a good example of risk-taking (most of the time) but I do love to evolve, to move, to learn new things, I wouldn’t want to become … well, squared. I like to embrace accidents like this one. They might hide something magnificent.



The Red House

My earliest memories are from this red house. I remember being there in the hot summer days, lazing around with nothing more to worry about than having fun and drink lemonade. We used to go to the lake to swim when the heat was unbearable. We would spend all day together and yet we wouldn’t get tired of each other. I remember the happiness of the first day in the Red House, sleeping with the sounds of the animals at night, the scent of the nature and the soft babbling of the nearby river. Every time I see this photograph I hear the calm of the house and the noises of the laughs. 

Laundry day

Old fashion laundry day at Skansen, in Stockholm.

Laundry day

Taken with my Zenit 11 and the Kodak vision 3 50D, which works amazingly good in interiors.

Día de colada a la antigua en Skansen, Estocolmo. Tomada con mi Zenit 11 y el Kodak vision 3 50D, que funciona impresionantemente bien en interiores.


From here you can hear the life of the house, the mumbled voices talking about the new gossip in town, the whistle of the tea pot and the graze of a pen writing on a piece of paper. Can you hear it?

*Zenit 11 and Kodak Vision 3 50D film


Desde aquí se puede oír la vida en la casa, las voces susurradas hablando del último cotilleo de la ciudad, el silbido de la tetera en el fuego y el rasgar de una pluma que escribe en un pedazo de papel. ¿Puedes oírlo?

*Zenit 11 y carrete Kodak Vision 3 50D