In the woods

Even though I love big cities and hectic places, sometimes I feel the need to escape of it all and run away to the mountains, to charge my batteries and just feeling the breeze and listening to the trees rustling.

There’s a place that feels magical, a hidden treasure into the woods, with temples, jizo statues and a calm that seems incredible to find. It’s Nikko.

I wish I could be there …


A thirsty cat drinking from a temizuya {ablution fountain in shinto temples} in Tennoji temple, Yanaka (Tokyo). Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you get to cross paths with THE photograph: everything is set, no waiting, the perfect light, the subjetcs are great, you just need to shoot.

It was the case with this photograph. Needless to say that I completely love it.

raquelcortes_thirsty cat

Un gato sediento bebiendo de un temizuya {fuente de abluciones en los templos shinto} en el templo Tennoji, en Yanaka (Tokyo). A veces, si tienes suficiente suerte, puedes cruzar tus pasos con LA foto: todo es perfecto, no esperas, la luz es genial, los sujetos están listos, sólo necesitas disparar.

Ése fue el caso de esta fotografía. Innecesario decir que me encanta.