One of the things I loved the most about Nikko was the Jizo statues in a snowy (and kind of lonely) road.

The Jizo statue is a representation of bodhisattva Jizo Bosatsu, the guardian of travellers, but also children and mothers. They have red bonnets and scarves offered by people so they don’t feel cold, and bibs so they don’t get dirty with the food offerings.

I loved the way they look and it amazed me how even with the statue reduced to pebbles, the bonnet and the scarf was still there, meaning someone kept putting it there, no matter how much time has passed.

They all looked different, some relaxed, some with a shy smile, some even seemed worried about something.


Right now, I’m quite sick of summer… I don’t like heat too much so this summer is being long enough for me. The pavement of Madrid seems to melt and leak the heat right from Hell. Between 35 to 40ºC every day for almost three months is more than I can handle…


Estoy ya un poco harta del verano… No me gusta el calor así que este verano está siendo demasiado para mí. El asfalto de Madrid parece derretirse y deja escapar el calor directamente desde el Infierno. Entre 35 y 40ºC todos los días durante casi tres meses es más de lo que puedo soportar.