Blue lights and windows

In Paris there is a neighbourhood that scapes time, there is a heart that is pounding silently, a secret voyeur of the city from its hill. A place that has lived many lives and has been a witness of wonderful art.

And in a small square of this oasis, a few blue lights and a beautiful window.

What do windows have that I love so much?

Blue lights and windows


I hate apathy but from time to time I can’t help to feel completely bored with everything around me. Usually the first thing to be contaminated by this hideous state of mind are my photographs (and indeed this blog). I have no desire whatsoever to take a photograph, to think about it or even to post some around here. Not even Instagram is safe.

I feel a fog of dullness covering my mind, it doesn’t go away unless I do something about it, but it feels more and more difficult to overcome it with every day that passes by. I really hate this state.

Anyways, that being said, here I leap on by sharing a photograph I took on my last trip to Paris (a work trip so all the photographs I made were at night)

Analogue love: Paris

I went to Paris in the summer of 2007 and I loved it! I was there just for four days but it was fantastic! I’d love to come back and visit again the places I saw and the ones I didn’t have the time to {and practice my French!}

Fui a París en el verano de 2007 y ¡me ecantó! Sólo estuve durante cuatro días ¡pero fue fantástico! Me gustaría volver y visitar de nuevo los lugares que vi y los que no me dio tiempo a visitar {¡y practicar mi francés!}

All these photographs were taken with my Canon EOS 3000V and maybe a Kodak film? I don’t remember and at that time, I didn’t care about it…

Todas estas fotos están tomadas con mi Canon EOS 3000V y quizá un carrete Kodak… No lo recuerdo, y en aquel tiempo, no me preocupaba demasiado…

As you can see, I visited the most known places… and my photographs weren’t so great, just tourists… My aim back then was to photograph everything as if it was a postcard, I didn’t care a lot about technical issues, I just pointed and shot with a bit of a composition sense. Now I photograph differently, or so I think, maybe, maybe not.

Como podéis ver, visité la mayor parte de los sitios famosos… y mis fotos no fueron  muy buenas, sólo turísticas… Mi objetivo entonces era fotografiarlo todo como si fuera una postal, no me preocupaba mucho por las cuestiones técnicas, simplemente miraba y disparaba con un pequeño sentido de la composición. Ahora fotografío de forma diferente, o eso creo, quizá, quizá no.

One thing is certain: I want to go back to Paris.

Una cosa es segura: quiero volver a París.