Ghost station

In the depths of Madrid there’s a place where time stopped many years ago, where you feel like a ghost, a voyeur of the daily routine of Metro riders, where you sense the hustle and bustle of older times.

This place is Chamberí Station, an old Metro station that was on use just for a few decades, but enough to bring to Madrid the greatness of the new means of transport. Since 2007 it’s a (free) museum, a very particular one as the new one still runs through it, so you feel like a shadow of the past, watching the train coming and going with all its passengers on it.



I’m not sure why I’m so attracted to old and decadent buildings, it kind of fascinates me how time pass and affects everything.

No sé muy bien por qué me atraen tanto los edificios viejos y decadentes, me fascina cómo el tiempo pasa y afecta a todo.