Blue lights and windows

In Paris there is a neighbourhood that scapes time, there is a heart that is pounding silently, a secret voyeur of the city from its hill. A place that has lived many lives and has been a witness of wonderful art.

And in a small square of this oasis, a few blue lights and a beautiful window.

What do windows have that I love so much?

Blue lights and windows



I hate apathy but from time to time I can’t help to feel completely bored with everything around me. Usually the first thing to be contaminated by this hideous state of mind are my photographs (and indeed this blog). I have no desire whatsoever to take a photograph, to think about it or even to post some around here. Not even Instagram is safe.

I feel a fog of dullness covering my mind, it doesn’t go away unless I do something about it, but it feels more and more difficult to overcome it with every day that passes by. I really hate this state.

Anyways, that being said, here I leap on by sharing a photograph I took on my last trip to Paris (a work trip so all the photographs I made were at night)

Tokyo Tower ~ 東京タワー

Exactly one year ago I fulfilled my lifelong dream: not only I finally went to Japan, on February 17th 2016 I saw and visit for the first time the Tokyo Tower. I saw it on the distance on my very first day in Tokyo, but being so close to it, seeing it growing closer and bigger on every step I walked was the most incredible feeling. My heart pounding as I approached it, I feared it to be a dream, to wake up.

Tokyo Tower

No such thing happened. I saw it, went up and enjoy every second of the view (of and from it). I didn’t want to leave, on my way back to the underground I just couldn’t help looking over my shoulder to see it, to say ‘see you soon’, to promise I would come back. またね東京タワー。

Tokyo Tower in the moonlight

Hace exactamente un año conseguí realizar el sueño de mi vida: no sólo fui a Japón sino que el 17 de febrero de 2016 vi y visité por primera vez la Torre de Tokyo. La había visto desde la distancia mi primer día en Tokyo, pero estar tan cerca, ver cómo engrandecía a cada paso que daba fue el sentimiento más increíble. Con el corazón golpeándome con fuerza según me acercaba, temí que fuera un sueño, que fuera a despertar.

Nada de eso pasó. La vi, subí y disfruté cada segundo de la vista (de y desde la torre). No quería irme, y en mi camino de vuelta hacia el metro no pude evitar mirar por encima del hombro para verla, para decirle “hasta luego”, para prometer que volvería. またね東京タワー。


One of the many curious things I saw in Tokyo was that a lot of people use bikes to get around, which is kind of surpring considering the enormity of the city (but surely is cheaper than taking the train/underground)


Una de las muchas curiosidades que vi en Tokyo es que mucha gente usa la bici para moverse, lo que resulta un tanto sorprendente, teniendo en cuenta la magnitud de la ciudad (aunque es claramente más barato que coger el tren/metro)