Looking at this photographs while listening to piano music feels almost as being there, the combination of nature and black and white film feels as something opposite and thus complementary.

Or maybe it’s just that I feel melancholic today.

In the woods

Even though I love big cities and hectic places, sometimes I feel the need to escape of it all and run away to the mountains, to charge my batteries and just feeling the breeze and listening to the trees rustling.

There’s a place that feels magical, a hidden treasure into the woods, with temples, jizo statues and a calm that seems incredible to find. It’s Nikko.

I wish I could be there …


Last weekend I went to my mom’s village up in the mountain in Gredos, Ávila. Every time I need to scape and recharge my batteries I go there. The weather is amazing, so cold at night that even in the summer you need to sleep with a blanket or wear long sleeves (fyi: I live in the hot hot hot Madrid), the silence is golden, if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of the water flowing on the plaza’s fountain.

With almost no signal on your phone, it’s the perfect place to evade your daily life and problems. And the perfect place to take this kind of photographs.


A couple of days ago I bought a lens kit for my phone, I wanted to try the macro and the fisheye lens. Well… the last one isn’t what I expected, I’m not very happy with the results (but it’s better than the “wide angle” lens, not very useful), but I loooove the macro lens, I tried it on Saturday at El Capricho Park (an awesome park in Madrid you must visit if you’re in town)

These flowers got to me 💚


** By the way, the photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, pretty good camera…


Some photos of Nikko to refresh a bit this (horrible) heat wave (40ºC in Madrid today!!)

Un par de fotos de Nikko para refrescar esta (horrible) ola de calor (¡40ºC en Madrid hoy!)


A few weeks ago I went to a workshop on how to develop black and white film… it was really interesting and adictive! For now, I’ve developed four films (3 of 135 and 1 of 120), here is the result of one of them.

I’m not quite sure about the quality of the scan though. I need another one, soon.


Hace unas semanas fui a un taller sobre revelado en blanco y negro… fue muy interesante, ¡y adictivo! Por ahora, he revelado cuatro carretes (3 de 135 y 1 de 120), aquí está el resultado de uno de ellos.

Aunque no estoy muy segura de la calidad del escaneo. Necesito otro, pronto.

In black and white

A few weeks ago I went to see the exhibition about Cartier-Bresson in Madrid. It was amazing, the most incredible photo exhibit I’ve ever seen… so well organized, so many photographs and a few of his drawings too. I’ve always been fascinating by black and white photography but since I saw that exhibit, I can’t think in anything else… I need to shoot in black and white. I’m even thinking in develop my own black and white films {kind of scary, because I have no idea how to do it, but it’s time to start doing more and think less}

This photograph is digital and at first it wasn’t … designed … or better, thought to be in black and white, but now I think it’s better this way.

Hungry bee

Hace unas semanas fui a ver la exposición de Cartier-Bresson en Madrid. Fue alucinante, la exposición de fotografía más increíble que he visto nunca… muy bien organizada, con muchas fotos y algunos de sus dibujos también. Siempre me he sentido fascinada con la fotografía en blanco y negro, pero desde que vi esta exposición, no puedo pensar en otra cosa… Necesito fotografiar en blanco y negro. Estoy incluso pensando en revelar mis propios carretes {me da un poco de miedo en realidad, ya que no tengo ni idea de cómo hacerlo, pero es hora de hacer más y pensar menos}

Esta foto es digital y al principio no estaba pensada para ser en blanco y negro, pero ahora creo que es mejor así.