Everything seemed the same, the family photographs on the walls, the sofa, the windows… even the smallest of details like the dust gently touching the books in the shelves seemed the same. The light was different, though, that light that reminded him of his loss, a presence that lingered suspended on the air, on better times.

Museo ABC

Museo ABC is one of my favourites in Madrid. The architecture is quite impressive, as it combines perfectly the old structure of which was the first factory of Mahou Beer in Madrid in 1891, and the needs for a modern museum and space, made by the firm Aranguren & Gallegos. Proof of that is this detail of the patio, my favourite part of the building.

Museo ABC

El Museo ABC es uno de mis favoritos de Madrid. La arquitectura es bastante impresionante, al combinar perfectamente la antigua estructura de la que fue la primera fábrica de Cervezas Mahou en 1891, y las necesidades de un museo y espacio moderno, realizado por la firma Aranguren & Gallegos. Prueba de ello es este detalle del patio, mi parte favorita del edificio.

The tools of the painter

The other day I wrote about the Museo Sorolla in the blog I share with a friend, and I can’t resist to repeat some of the photographs in here. I loved this museum so much! A visit worth taken if you visit /live in Madrid!!

Museo Sorolla

El otro día escribí sobre el Museo Sorolla en el blog que comparto con una amiga, y no he podido resistirme a repetir algunas de las fotos aquí. Me gustó mucho este museo, sin duda merece la pena visitarlo si visitáis /vivís en Madrid.