Oct 21 2015

I don’t like to repeat photographs here, I’m always careful not to post something I’ve already posted…. But today is a special day. Today is the day of my favourite (live) movie ever: Back to the Future. How couldn’t I post again these photographs of the DeLorean?

The Time Machine - Out a time

The Time Machine

The future is not written, it’s ours. The future is today.

The Time Machine


The Time Machine

The Time Machine

No me gusta publicar fotos que ya he subido. Suelo ser muy cuidadosa para no publicar una foto que ya he publicado antes. Pero hoy es un día especial. Hoy es el día de mi película (de imagen real) favorita: Regreso al futuro. ¿Cómo no iba a compartir estas fotos del DeLorean?

El futuro no está escrito, es nuestro. El futuro es hoy.


This is a poster I made for my Digital Infography class. It’s made with two of my photographs, one of a typewriter (love them) and the other one is my sister! This was a fake film poster, and the plot? well, it tells the story of a writer that can’t write a word without alcohol or pills, he’s searching sources for a novel and he begin to see a girl. At one point in the plot he doesn’t know what is real and what is fake, a product of his mind and alcohol.

I hope I succeed!

(if not, suggestions are welcomed)