Nave de Motores

Some time ago I read an article about markets in Madrid and I wanted to try them, I chose the one that holds the Nave de Motores of Metro de Madrid every first Saturday and Sunday of the month. I imagined the space a lot bigger but the market was great. The stands were arranged among the big motors.

Hace un tiempo leí un artículo sobre mercadillos en Madrid y quería probarlos, elegí uno que se celebra en la Nave de Motores del Metro de Madrid todos los primeros sábados y domingos de mes. Me imaginaba el espacio bastante más grande pero el mercadillo estuvo genial. Los stands estaban colocados entre los grandes motores.

Bike Blue coat

It was the perfect excuse for visiting the Nave de Motores, a place I longer wanted to visit but always ended up putting off.

Era la excusa perfecta para visitar la Nave de Motores, un lugar al que quería ir desde hacía tiempo pero que siempre terminaba posponiendo.

Motors and chameleon Sulzer Hermanos Sociedad Anónima

Apart from this inside-market there’s another one in the parking lot, which fame comes from the amount of old bikes you can find there.

Aparte de este mercado interior, hay otro en el parking, cuya fama viene de la cantidad de viejas bicis que puedes encontrar.

100€ Bikes

I didn’t buy anything, next time maybe.

No compré nada, quizá la próxima vez.

Covered Market

How many times have I mentioned how much I love markets?? The curious thing is I don’t have as many photographs of markets as you can imagine… This one is the plaque located at the entrance of the Oxford Covered Market.

¿Cuántas veces he mencionado lo mucho que me gustan los mercados?? Lo curioso es que no tengo tantas fotos de mercados y mercadillos como se pudiera imaginar… Ésta es de la placa situada en la entrada del Covered Market de Oxford.

Oxford Covered Market

Last Sunday I went to  a street market but I haven’t got enough time even to see the photos. I also have a few more special photographs. I need more hours in the day. Definitely.

El pasado domingo fui a un mercadillo pero todavía no he tenido tiempo suficiente ni para ver las fotos. También tengo unas cuantas más un tanto especiales. Necesito más horas en el día. Definitivamente.

In the meantime, a song. A song about those dark moments everybody feels from time to time. But, as it says, ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn’.

Mientras, una canción. Una canción sobre esos momentos oscuros que todos vivimos de vez en cuando. Pero, como dice, “It’s always darkest before the dawn” (“Siempre es más oscuro antes del amanecer”)

Fancy a coffee?? // ¿Te apetece un café?

Yesterday I went to Nómada Market, a fair of independent design that’s been celebrating in Madrid for the past few years. I discovered it two years ago by chance {and what a chance!} and I love it!!! It’s full of creativity and all the things are made by hand with such amount of personality and originality that it’s simply amazing.

Ayer fui al Nómada Market, una feria de diseño independiente que se ha venido celebrando desde hace unos años. Lo descubrí hace dos años de casualidad {¡y vaya una casualidad!} ¡¡y me encanta!! Está lleno de creatividad y todas las cosas están hechas a mano con tal cantidad de personalidad y originalidad que es simplemente increíble. 

I bought this little cup of coffee ring {a capuccino maybe?} in the stand of Aramat Complementos.

Compré este anillo tacita de café {¿un capuccino, quizá?} en el stand de Aramat Complementos.


I also bought a pair of Eiffel Tower earrings in the stand of Palindromic.

También compré un par de pendientes de la Torre Eiffel en el stand de Palindromic.

… and a couple more things… a headband made of wool {warm ears for the Winter} made by Yiddish Chutzpah and a hairpin {I’m so sorry but I don’t remember the name of the designer}

… y un par de cosas más… una diadema hecha de lana {orejitas calentitas para el invierno} hecha por Yiddish Chutzpah y una horquilla {lo siento mucho, pero no recuerdo el nombre del diseñador…}


Next edition is in December {exact days: 14th, 15th and 16th, if there’s anyone that wanted to go all the information is their website, click on the name in the first paragraph} I’m sure I will go.

La siguiente edición es en diciembre {exactamente los días 14, 15 y 16, si hay alguien que quiera asistir, toda la información está su web, clickad en el nombre del primer párrafo} yo estoy segura que volveré.

Camden Town… again

I’m editing some photos I took last week, in the meantime, I wanted to show you some photos of Camden Town while missing the city {and its weather}

Of course, the underground.

I love this pic… It has a vintage look that captures the essence of the place and all the shops and stuff inside the Horse Hospital.
And talking about the inside of the Horse Hospital, here it is!

Street Series: To the market

Last week I’ve been to Asturias, in northern Spain, and I loved it! I already miss it! I love the weather, the views, the food, their nature… everything! It’s a place where I wouldn’t mind to live… (I would miss Madrid a lot, though)

This pic was taken in the city of Oviedo, in the Plaza de la Constitución. At the back it can be seen the Market of Fontán (left) with its iron arches and part of the façade of the church of San Isidoro el Real (right).

Food and Madrid: Mercado de San Miguel

If there’s a place I love to visit when I’m in a city {apart from museums and monuments} is: markets! Secondhand book markets, secondhand markets, food markets, any kind of market!

In Madrid we have a few markets worth visiting, one of them is the Mercado de San Miguel, localed in the Plaza de San Miguel and very very near of the Plaza Mayor. This market is the only one with a structure made of iron that has survived in Madrid. Originally, it was in the open air and in 1835 a project was made by Joaquín Henri to cover it, but it wasn’t until 1916, and by another architect: Alfonso Dubé y Díez, that it was finally covered. It was closed for a long time while making restoration works and finally, in 2009, it re-opened again with a new life but keeping that air of the first years of the century.

I love the structure of this market, with its iron pillars so common at the turn of the century. This time I didn’t take photos of the exterior with the pillars and the new glasses, but I promise I’ll do it and post them!

But… what’s a food market without food?? Here a few {and delicious} examples.

{I also forgot to take note of the names of the stands where I made the pics… Might be the incredible food all around me}

{Chocolate and framboise tarts}

{Chocolates and truffles}

{Olives and more olives!}

{Red peppers}

{Different types of cheese}