A couple of days ago I bought a lens kit for my phone, I wanted to try the macro and the fisheye lens. Well… the last one isn’t what I expected, I’m not very happy with the results (but it’s better than the “wide angle” lens, not very useful), but I loooove the macro lens, I tried it on Saturday at El Capricho Park (an awesome park in Madrid you must visit if you’re in town)

These flowers got to me 💚


** By the way, the photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, pretty good camera…

Coffee time

I spend most of my time in different cafés, looking through my camera the clients, the mood, the coffee, all the stories that pop up into my mind while drinking a good served coffee. I always carry around a notebook, my fountain pen and the old analogue camera I got in a street market. I could use a smartphone but I feel it kills part of the fun, as I firmly believe that some things take time and the only way to enjoy them is by slowing down our steps.


Shadows. Shadows that deceive your eyes, your mind, your judgement. Did I see something or it was just my imagination? What was that noise? Maybe just the wind. Or maybe the breath of something hidden in the walls of the building.

Room at exhibit “Guía Nocturna de Museos. Fernando Maquieira” – Tabacalera

Room at exhibit “Guía Nocturna de Museos. Fernando Maquieira” – Tabacalera

The sound of a drop falling eternally on the sink (at Tabacalera)

Is anybody home?

Solitude (photograph at the exhibit: “Susy Gómez. El baile de la vida” – Tabacalera)

Solitude (photograph at the exhibit: “Susy Gómez. El baile de la vida” – Tabacalera)


In the clouds

I spend most of my time in the clouds, thinking, imagining worlds. Some people might call it immaturity, I call it creativity.

Paso la mayor parte del tiempo en las nubes, pensando, inventando mundos. Alguna gente lo llamará inmadurez, yo lo llamo creatividad.

EMT 6836

When I travel I love to photograph the small details of the daily life of the city, daydreaming about the people and their lives. Sometimes I wonder if I’m living the life someone else is dreaming about. And it makes me think that we took our daily routines for granted, all the stuff we see every day that maybe someone is longing to see and experience.

EMT 6836

Cuando viajo me encanta fotografiar los pequeños detalles de la vida diaria de la ciudad, soñando e imaginando la vida de la gente. A veces me pregunto si no estaré viviendo la vida con la que otra persona sueña. Y esto me hace pensar que damos por hecho nuestras rutinas diarias, todas las cosas que vemos cada día y que quizá alguien está deseando ver y experimentar.