Aranjuez (II): Royal Palace and Iglesia de San Antonio

Aranjuez is one of my favourite cities. Situated just a few km from Madrid, it’s the perfect place to spend the day in, walking through the gardens, visiting the interior of the Palace or just taking a coffee.

As you can imagine, I have tons of photos of Aranjuez, especially of Autumn, with the trees full of different colours and the leaves on the ground.

{Façade of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez}

{Iglesia de San Antonio – St. Antonio’s Church} 

I decided to give a X-Process / Vintage / Whatever look to this photo of the church… I like it more like this than the original one.

{Shadows in the Palace}

I’m not very sure of this photo… I like the sun and the arch but not the point of view… Anyway, finally I decided to post it too.

Otoño… Autumn… Autonne… Autunno…

I love autumn… I like those days when the sky is sooo blue and the light filters throught the leaves, reflecting a range of reddish and orangey colours.  The top of the mountains begin to be snowed, the weather is so changeable that the sun can be brighting one day and the next there are clouds everywhere, those type of clouds that is wonderful to photograph, they have an unimaginable range of greys. And the storms… it can be raining all night and in the morning the sun is shining again. Definetely, I love autumn.

Palacio de Cristal - Parque del Retiro

Palacio de Cristal - Parque del Retiro