In the autumn of 2016 I went to Liverpool, it sounded like a nice destination, although I didn’t know anything of it (just a few guys that made quite good music… )

But in the end I loved the city, its industrial feeling with brick buildings, small museums and its port. Even though I almost had a heart attack when I dropped my camera (and it even bounced!!)

Anyway, it was a trip that I took on the spur of the moment, thinking of it with no special meaning … but it was outstanding, a city I recommend without doubt.

Liverpool has a lot to offer, with different faces, like this one of Chinatown, with the iconic brick houses mixed with the Chinese writing.

By the way, revising the photographs I took (here a few), I just remembered how much I miss my Polaroid Impulse Portrait, maybe it’s time to take her out to (and) have fun.

Double Liverpool

Finally I have a little time to myself! Studying is exhausting (especially when you don’t really feel what you’re doing…), but now I’m on holiday, so I’ll catch up over here, with my readings and with myself. It was about time.

I’m reviewing at last my Liverpool photos from October (I haven’t still edit all the photos I took back in February in Japan, so……….quite behind). I had a great time there and I loved the city so much. These two photographs were taken with my always-beloved-but-super-heavy Zenit 11 and an expired (almost 10 years!) Kodak Portra 160 film, in the end the photographs turn out pretty well… except for these two, taken right after I accidentally drop my camera at the very begin of the trip, scary moment of panic, it even bounced! Apparently everything is correct but I still have a black and white film inside that has given me a bit of a problem.

Anyhow, doubled-double Liverpool it is for today.

Double Liverpool

Double Liverpool

¡Por fin tengo algo de tiempo para mí! Estudiar es agotador (especialmente cuando no te motiva demasiado…), pero ahora ya estoy de vacaciones, así que me pondré al día por aquí, también con mis lecturas y conmigo misma, que ya era hora.

Estoy revisando las fotos que hice allá por octubre en mi viaje a Liverpool (todavía ni he terminado de editar las de Japón de febrero…). Me lo pasé muy bien y me encantó la ciudad. Estas dos fotos las tomé con mi siempre-adorada-pero-super-pesada Zenit 11 y un carrete Kodak Portra 160 caducado (¡desde hace casi diez años!), al final las fotos han salido bien… excepto estas dos, tomadas justo después de que se me cayera la cámara al inicio del viaje, un momento de pánico y terror, ¡incluso rebotó en el suelo! Aparentemente todo funciona bien pero aún tengo dentro un carrete de blanco y negro que a veces me da problemas.

Sea como fuere, hoy toca un doble-duplicado Liverpool.