Plain photo

This photograph isn’t particularly beautiful, or especial, or has a stunning perspective … either is edited in some avant-garde way, but it is really important for me, as it represents the final way of a wandering day in Tokyo.

What if we just take / show photographs that we love instead of images of what the world might like? Can you imagine?


I haven’t had much time lately, or maybe I should say that I haven’t had much time for the things I love. Kind of nonsensical, don’t you think? I mean, why do we (in general; me in particular) leave the things that we love to do for the last moment? Or is it only me??

From time to time it’s ok just stop worrying about everything and relax, feel free to create whatever you want to create and not looking the clock. Just being swept along.

Asakusa in orange

I usually take / edit my photos in a not-a-very-special way … most of my photographs have the same edit, some in black and white, but generally the same. Maybe it’s because I fear missing something or forgetting about what I saw, but the thing is that I hardly ever do unusual edits (at least, unusual for me)

But sometimes things like this happen:

And I couldn’t love it more.

In the woods

Even though I love big cities and hectic places, sometimes I feel the need to escape of it all and run away to the mountains, to charge my batteries and just feeling the breeze and listening to the trees rustling.

There’s a place that feels magical, a hidden treasure into the woods, with temples, jizo statues and a calm that seems incredible to find. It’s Nikko.

I wish I could be there …

The trumpet player

He loved music so much he didn’t care the disagreement caused in the heart of his family, he just couldn’t live without music, without his trumpet and his jazz. He left his home to follow a dream and even though the path was difficult and scary, he finally made it.

Sculpture of a trumpet player in Kobe, Japan.

Heat heat heat

I like summer: the incredible amount of light, the beautiful happy dresses, the sunsets… excepting that I hate summer. I hate the heat of Madrid, the endless days of heat waves and not being able to rest at night or being just extremely tired all the time. I just ask for a few rainy days, a bit of cooler temperatures, nothing more.

To ease this suffocating heat I tried to remember the snow and cold from Nikko, Japan. It didn’t work.

Me gusta el verano: la cantidad de luz, los vestidos bonitos, las puestas de sol… salvo porque odio el verano. Odio el calor de Madrid, los días interminables de olas de calor y no ser capaz de descansar por la noche o estar siempre exhausta. Sólo pido unos días lluviosos, un poco de fresco, nada más.

Para aliviar un poco este asfixiante calor intenté recordar la nieve y el frío de Nikko, en Japón. No funcionó.