The arrival

It was beyond her comprehension how she ended up in that situation. What was she thinking accepting a deal like that? Her arrival to that wedding was the grave of her freedom. She was tempted to ask the driver to turn back, to leave at once and let her flee to her freedom, maybe to a not-so-prosperous future but at least she would be free to make her own choices.

Kyoto, February 2016. Fuji Instax 210.

Street ninja

When I visited Valencia last April I was really surprised by the incredible amount and quality of graffiti… I crossed paths countless of times with this street ninja (?) made by the hand of David de Limón. I have to confess this one was my reference in El Carmen neighbourhood for not to get lost…

** Sorry for the quality of the photograph… I don’t have a scanner so I had to take a photo with my phone…


I took this photograph in Galway, Ireland, last summer. Even though the weather wasn’t as good as I wanted (I thought my cameras would drown on my backpack), I really enjoyed the views, the blue ocean and the different and eternal greens.

New old decay

I have a (strange) thing for old factories and industrial landscapes. They seem to have a halo of decay that surround them, a reminiscence of the past and an old symbol of technological progress.

This one was actually a thermal power plant now transformed into a museum about energy, in Ponferrada, León.

New old decay

Tengo un algo raro con viejas fábricas y paisajes industriales. Parecen tener un halo de decadencia que los rodea, una reminiscencia del pasado y un viejo símbolo del progreso tecnológico.

Ésta era en realidad una central térmica reconvertida en un museo sobre la energía, en Ponferrada, León.