A cup of tea

My trip to the Netherlands is being amazing, I’ve taken many analogue photographs with my LC-A, something I was looking for. I can’t wait to develop my films and see the results, but for the moment a quick Pola love in Rotterdam.

*Polaroid Supercolor 635CL

Street ninja

When I visited Valencia last April I was really surprised by the incredible amount and quality of graffiti… I crossed paths countless of times with this street ninja (?) made by the hand of David de Limón. I have to confess this one was my reference in El Carmen neighbourhood for not to get lost…

** Sorry for the quality of the photograph… I don’t have a scanner so I had to take a photo with my phone…


I took this photograph in Galway, Ireland, last summer. Even though the weather wasn’t as good as I wanted (I thought my cameras would drown on my backpack), I really enjoyed the views, the blue ocean and the different and eternal greens.

New old decay

I have a (strange) thing for old factories and industrial landscapes. They seem to have a halo of decay that surround them, a reminiscence of the past and an old symbol of technological progress.

This one was actually a thermal power plant now transformed into a museum about energy, in Ponferrada, León.

New old decay

Tengo un algo raro con viejas fábricas y paisajes industriales. Parecen tener un halo de decadencia que los rodea, una reminiscencia del pasado y un viejo símbolo del progreso tecnológico.

Ésta era en realidad una central térmica reconvertida en un museo sobre la energía, en Ponferrada, León.

The Shining

I took this photo last week in a hotel in Mataró, Spain. When I left the elevator and turn left to my room I saw this image and it reminded me of the movie The Shining, although I haven’t seen it nor read the book… (that’s how collective imagination works… but that’s another story)

raquelcortres_the shining

Tomé esta foto hace una semana en un hotel de Mataró, en España. Cuando salí el ascensor y giré a la izquierda camino de mi habitaciónvi esta imagen y me recordó al instante a la película El Resplandor, pese a que no la he visto ni he leído el libro… (así es como trabaja el imaginario colectivo, aunque esto es otra historia)