The arrival

It was beyond her comprehension how she ended up in that situation. What was she thinking accepting a deal like that? Her arrival to that wedding was the grave of her freedom. She was tempted to ask the driver to turn back, to leave at once and let her flee to her freedom, maybe to a not-so-prosperous future but at least she would be free to make her own choices.

Kyoto, February 2016. Fuji Instax 210.

Street ninja

When I visited Valencia last April I was really surprised by the incredible amount and quality of graffiti… I crossed paths countless of times with this street ninja (?) made by the hand of David de Limón. I have to confess this one was my reference in El Carmen neighbourhood for not to get lost…

** Sorry for the quality of the photograph… I don’t have a scanner so I had to take a photo with my phone…

The trumpet player

He loved music so much he didn’t care the disagreement caused in the heart of his family, he just couldn’t live without music, without his trumpet and his jazz. He left his home to follow a dream and even though the path was difficult and scary, he finally made it.

Sculpture of a trumpet player in Kobe, Japan.

Instant love: Old cars

It’s been a long time since I stopped by here… Once again, busy period for me *sigh*

Anyway, last week I went to an old car convention {sort of} that was held by in Coslada, Madrid. Despite the heat, it was really fun and curious, I loved some old cars I saw there {I fell in love with a red Mini Cooper}

I didn’t bring my Canon, I just took a few photos with my phone, the Zenit 11 and the Fuji 210, which are the theme of this post of course.

Fuji Instax 210

Old cars

Fuji Instax 210


Ha pasado ya algún tiempo desde que pasé por aquí… De nuevo, ando bastante ocupada *sigh*

En fin, la semana pasada fui a una convención/ reunión de coches antiguos que organizaba en Coslada, Madrid. A pesar del calor, fue divertido y curioso, me gustaron mucho algunos coches antiguos que vi {me enamoré especialmente de un Mini Cooper rojo}

No me llevé la Canon, sólo hice algunas fotos con mi móvil, la Zenith y la Fuji 210, que son el tema de este post, por supuesto.

Instant love: France

Last year I bought a Polaroid 330 Land Camera but I haven’t use her until this summer during my holidays in France. Thanks to Fujifilm I could finally use her and it’s amazing! I’ve always love instant photography and been agle to use a camera like this one is incredible. The only problem I found is that there’s no explanation in the box about how to use the film… I’ve never used film like this so I had to search for a tutorial about how to actually get the photo out of the camera…

Anyway, I love the photos I got, and I’m sure with a little bit of practice I can control all my focus issues.

Musée des Beaux Arts - Bordeaux

Musée des Beaux Arts – Bordeaux

El año pasado compré una Polaroid 330 Land Camera pero no había podido usarla hasta este verano, durante mis vacaciones en Francia. Gracias a Fujifilm finalmete he conseguido usarla ¡y es increíble! Siempre me ha gustado la fotografía instantánea y ser capaz de usar una cámara como ésta es alucinante. El único problema que encontré es que no hay ninguna explicación sobre cómo usar la película… Nunca he usado película de este tipo así que tuve que buscar cómo sacar realmente la foto de la cámara…

En fin, me encantan las fotos que conseguí, y estoy segura de que con un poco de práctica llegaré controlar esos pequeños problemas de foco.

Saint Émilion

Saint Émilion