Have you ever feel that urge to travel the world? To wanderlust forever? I don’t know if it’s because I have to work all summer (meaning no holidays. For now), this horrible heat (hello heatwave) or my inner desire to know more about the world… but I want to go on adventures around the world and never look back.

Let's travel the world

¿Alguna vez has sentido esa necesidad, esa ansia por viajar? ¿Perderse en nuevos lugares para siempre? No sé si es porque tengo que trabajar todo el verano (me quedo sin vacaciones. Por ahora), por este horrible calor (hola canícula) o mi deseo interior de conocer más sobre el mundo… pero quiero salir a explorar el mundo y nunca mirar atrás.

My globe – The simple things

I got this globe/lamp from one of my aunts a long time ago. I have a lot {really, a lot} of things so for many years I kept it in the wardrobe, but one day I decided it was time to show it again. When my aunt gave it to me, I used to spin and stop it with my finger and say “One day, I will go there”. Don’t you love the simple things that made you happy when you were a kid? I think it is time to dream again.


{It has nothing to do with this post, really, but here it’s a song I love, just because it was playing while I was writing this post}