Sumi was a little girl so kind and good everybody thought she was a descendant of the Gods. With her hair silver as the moon in a summer night and her skin as white as the snowy winter, Sumi lived to be loved and treasure by everyone in the village. Her parents gave her a blue kimono that represented the flow of a river that is time, in an attempt to make her live forever.

But Sumi’s heart was obscure and full of fears, so many years has been she adored that a wall was built inside of her soul. She could not feel love nor hate, she did not felt pain nor passion. She became a doll for the devotion of all.

In blue, silver and white. Forever.

Typical Spanish

I have a thing for kitsch souvernirs. I love the most ridiculous ones. Like these flamenco dancers {I have to add that I hate flamenco music so…} 

Typical Spanish

They’re so kitsch and old-fashioned, I can’t help but to smile when I look at them. Of course they’re more modern that the typical flamenco doll with its fabric dress with frills that {almost} all grandparents in Spain had on top of the TV. I must confess I’d like to have one of those.

La verdad es que me encantan los souvenirs kitsch. Los que más me gustan son los más horteras y ridículos. Como estas bailarinas de flamenco {y debería añadir que odio la música flamenca … }

Son tan horteras y viejunos, que no puedo evitar sonreír al verlos. Por supuesto, éstas son más modernas que las típicas muñecas flamencas con sus vestidos de tela con volantes que {casi} todos los abueletes tenían sobre la TV. Debo confesar que me gustaría tener una de ésas.