The first time I went to London (November 2016), we got lost searching I don’t even remember what…

It was a cold afternoon, with that drizzle so uncomfortable, we were tired of walking and just wanted to get to whatever spot we were visiting… but then, all of a sudden, this view:

So maybe it’s not that bad to get lost sometimes…


Remembering Milano

A photograph I took in Milan in the summer of 2007. I see now that my fascination with narrow and forgotten streets comes from long ago.


Una fotografía que tomé en Milán en el verano de 2007. Ahora me doy cuenta de que mi fascinación por las calles estrechas y olvidadas viene de lejos.


In the summer of 2008 I did a route around Northen Italy with some friends. Amongst the cities we visited was Ravenna, a small city but full of beauty. This is its paleochristian basilica of San Vitale. Amazing cupola, isn’t it?

By the way, it was taken with my Canon EOS 3000V 😉

raquelcortes_basilica di san vitale_ravenna

En el verano de 2008 hice una ruta por el norte de Italia con unos amigos. Entre las ciudades que visitamos estaba Rávena, una ciudad pequeña pero llena de belleza. Ésta es su basílica paleocristiana de San Vitale. Impresionante cúpula, ¿verdad?

Por cierto, esta imagen la tomé con mi Canon EOS 3000V 😉