For me, a library is a magical maze; a bookshop, the definition of heaven; a book, my life, my dreams and my future. I love to smell old books, to touch the rough pages, to admire the typography, I take notes, and even write (with pencil, always) thoughts or just mark my favourite quotes. I put things inside books, papers or train tickets and then forgot about them. I have many books, but not enough.

“Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.”

– Fernando Pessoa

*Zenit 11 + Ilford HP5 plus (many glasses ago)

Happy Book Day!

It’s the most especial day of the year for me! Not that I need any excuse to love books, but today it has much more sense.

Looking back, I think I’ve loved books even before I could read… I remember listening stories on cassettes before going to sleep, going to the library in my school (I think I was the only one who loved being there… or even actually the only one going for that matter …) and borrowing the same book again and again, or how I cried because I spilled water on it. Over the years I’ve visited many libraries, searching for books for my studies, or just because I couldn’t stand not reading that one book. I’ve also bought a lot of paper friends (I even created my own catalogue), flip to e-book, and came back to paper to never leave. The touch of the pages, the sound of certain type of paper, the smell of old books, the worlds they hold, for this and many more reasons today is the happiest of days in my calendar.

Happy Book Day to you all! Have a great day, read a book, or buy one, or even better: gift your favourite one. Meanwhile, here you have a few to look at:

When in doubt, go to de library

Many people dream about big houses, great cars, awesome dressing rooms… But not me. Ever since I watched Disney’s “Belle and the Beast” my dream has been having a library of my own, a room just for the pleasure of the mind, with a comfy wing chair (upholstered in tweed, of course), maybe an old table and of course endless shelves with so many books I’d need several lives to read them all.

But for now, until my dream can come true (it will), I love to visit libraries, especially old ones just as this one: the Library of Trinity College Dublin.


To celebrate Book Day here I share one of the first photographs I developed and print myself 🙂 Happy Book Day!

Para celebrar el Día del Libro, aquí os comparto una de las primeras fotos que revelé y positivé yo misma. ¡Feliz Día del Libro!

Stockholms stadsbibliotek

Or… Stockholm’s Public Library. The outside is not very beautiful (despite what my friends said, I didn’t like it at all), but the inside… oh!! the inside!!! It’s kind of how I imagine Paradise (Borges was completely right)

Stockholms stadsbibliotek

Oooh! Those card catalogues!!

Stockholms stadsbibliotek

Stockholms stadsbibliotek

O lo que es lo mismo: la Biblioteca Pública de Estocolmo. El exterior no es muy bonito (a pesar de lo que digan mis amigas, no me gustó nada), pero el interior… ¡¡ooh, el interior!! Algo así es como imagino el Paraíso (Borges tenía razón)

Jinbōchō, where old books live

Today it’s Book Day, and my favourite day of the year (followed really close by my birthday hehe). I always buy a book (at least) on April 23rd and sometimes bookshops hold special events for the day. And each year I take a picture of my books and share it through here. But this year I’m doing something different: I’ll share some photographs  I took in Japan regarding books and bookstores 🙂


When I read about the district of Jinbōchō Jinbōchō  my guide I thought I was dreaming: a neighbourhood full of bookshops! Even better: full of second-hand bookstores!! I knew I must go there. Of course, 99% of the books were in Japanese, which I don’t speak nor read, but I went to have a look anyway.


There were a looooot of beautiful bookstores, but this one below definitely caught my attention! It has the books displayed outside, on the walls of the building! Such a curious place…


 Happy Book Day!! 🙂


Hoy es el Día del Libro, y mi día favorito del año (seguido muy de cerca por mi cumpleaños jeje). Siempre me compro (al menos) un libro el 23 de abril, y a veces las librerías hacen eventos especiales durante ese día. Y cada año hago una foto de mis libros y la comparto aquí. Pero este año voy a probar algo diferente: os comparto algunas fotos tomadas en Japón sobre libros y librerías 🙂

Cuando leí en mi guía sobre el distrito de Jinbôchô pensaba que estaba soñando: ¡un barrio lleno de librerías! Incluso mejor: ¡¡¡lleno de librerías de viejo!!! Sabía que debía ir a visitarlo. Por supuesto, el 99% de los libros estaban en japonés, idioma que ni hablo ni por supuesto leo, pero de todas maneras fui a echar un vistazo.

Había un montóoooon de librerías preciosas, pero la de la penúltima foto me llamó mucho la atención, pues tenía los libros expuestos en el exterior, en las paredes del edificio. Un lugar muy curioso…

¡¡Feliz Día del Libro!! 🙂 

Books and bookstores

I love books. It’s a fact. I couldn’t live without them, as I couldn’t live without photography or music. So, whenever I see a nice and beautiful bookstore, I have to go in and take a peek {and a photograph too!}  This one is a bookstore in calle Espíritu Santo, 13 in Madrid, called Libros para un mundo mejor {“Books for a better world”} amazing name, ha?

raquelcortes_libros para un mundo mejor

Libros para un mundo mejor

Adoro los libros. Es un hecho. No podría vivir sin ellos, al igual que no podría vivir sin la fotografía o sin música. Así que cada vez que veo una librería bonita, tengo que entrar y echar un vistazo {¡y alguna foto también!} Ésta es de una librería en la calle Espíritu Santo, 13 de Madrid, llamada Libros para un mundo mejor, un nombre genial, ¿no?

raquelcortes_books -3

There are a few dates that I rarely miss: Madrid’s Book Fair and the Old Book’s Fair that happens twice a year {spring and autumn}  These photographs were taken at the Autumn Old Book’s Fair in Paseo de Recoletos, a long promenade filled with books, old magazines, postcards…

I love to visit the Old Book’s Fair and second-handed bookstores, because you never know what you’re going to find, maybe the book you’re looking for, but maybe another one, so, in a sense, I feel it as if the book actually finds me. And because, is there anything better than a new book? Yes, and old book.

Hay un par de fechas que casi nunca me pierdo: la Feria del Libro de Madrid y la Feria del Libro Antiguo y de Ocasión que se celebra dos veces al año {en primavera y otoño} Estas fotos fueron tomadas en la Edición de Otoño de la Feria del Libro Antiguo y de Ocasión del Paseo de Recoletos, un largo paseo lleno de libros, viejas revistas, postales…

Me encanta visitar la Feria del Libro Antiguo y las librerías de viejo porque nunca sabes qué vas a encontrar, quizá el libro que estás buscando, pero quizá algún otro, así que, en cierto sentido, es como si el libro me encontrara a mí. Y además, ¿hay algo mejor que un libro nuevo? Sí, un libro viejo.

By the way, all the photographs were taken with my Zenit and a FujiChrome Velvia Slide {expired} film 😉

Por cierto, todas las fotos fueron hechas con mi Zenit y un carrete de diapositivas {caducado} FujiChrome Velvia