Spring is finally here! Sort of. What I love the most about springtime is to see and photograph the blooming of all the flowers and trees of my city. Especially the almond / cherry trees, I love them. But this year, amongst an annoying flu I had, the lack of time and the cold and rainy weather in Madrid, I couldn’t go to see and photograph them…

¡La primavera por fin ha llegado! O algo así. Lo que más me gusta de la primavera es ver y fotografiar el florecimiento de todas las flores y árboles de mi ciudad. Especialmente los almendros / cerezos, me encantan. Pero este año, entre un molesto catarro que tuve, la falta de tiempo y el tiempo frío y lluvioso en Madrid, no he podido ir a verlos ni fotografiarlos…


These photos are from last year’s excursion to La Quinta de los Molinos, a great place to enjoy, take a walk and relax.

Estas fotos son de la excursión del año pasado a La Quinta de los Molinos, un gran lugar para disfrutar, pasear y relajarse.

UntitledI think I’ve seen some almond / cherry trees {I don’t distinguish them… really don’t} still with flowers on them… Maybe this Easter Week I’d have more time to photograph them. I wish the day had more hours!

Creo que he visto almendros / cerezos {no sé distinguirlos… realmente no} todavía tienen flores… A lo mejor esta Semana Santa tengo más tiempo para fotografiarlos. ¡Ojalá el día tuviera más horas!

Almond trees are the beginning of the spring

I have a huge amount of flower pics, I can’t help to photograph a nice flower and over the years I’ve ended up having a real collection. Every year, when the Spring comes, I take my camera and go outside (sometimes to my own balcony) to photograph the beauty of nature.

These pics were taken just a week ago in Madrid, they all show one of my favourite trees: almond tree (or cherry tree? I hope not to be mistaken, because I’m horribly unabled to distinguish one from another). Anyway, both represents the beginning of the Spring, those days were the weather and the wind is changing, the sky is so blue that it may seem an illusion, but what I love most about these trees and their flowers is the idea of fragility, every time I look at them they make me think about the passage of time, nothing last forever and it’s our duty to live our lifes with happiness and harmony.