Farewell 2019

2019 has meant some big changes and showed that I’m capable of many things. Now that I think about it, maybe 2018’s post was right: Anything is possible if you have enough nerve.

Anyway, 3 planners later and a lot of memories, changes and fun things, here we are, a new year and a new decade too! {Can you believe it? I feel quite old right now…}

For 2019 I changed a bit my planner style… I tried the Bullet Journal method but transformed it a bit to suit my preferences. It’s been really interesting to try it but I’m not sure if it fits me well enough.

I used one at a time: a copper Leuchtturm from January to May, a Midori A5 from June to August, and a notebook from Little Hannah Shop from September until … well, yesterday (right at the very end, I might add!)

For 2020 I’m going to change my system again. It is actually a work in progress of self-discovery.

This new year I’m trying a Traveler’s Notebook system, which is basically a collection of small notebooks (inserts) that I can move whenever I want / need. The cover is handmade by Antigua’s and inside there’s the original TN inserts for the year and some handmade by me. The notebook beneath it I’ll use as a tracker for the year.

Even though they are not in the photo, I have a few more notebooks: for book notes, for drawing, for writing…

Anyways, Happy New Year ! Happy New Decade too! and Hello 2020!!!


Time. I fear it and like it at the same time. I love to flick through the pages of my diaries of different years to see, to remember, how they were. I love how these diaries grow in time with different stuff, sometimes glued to the pages, sometimes with washi tape, and most just put in there while I hope not to lose them.

Tiempo. A la vez lo temo y me gusta. Me encanta hojear mis agendas de diferentes años y ver, recordar, cómo fueron esos años. Me encanta cómo esas agendas van creciendo en el tiempo con diferentes cosas añadidas, a veces pegadas a las páginas, a veces con washi tape, y la mayoría simplemente metidas de cualquier manera mientras espero que no se me pierdan.



Do you remember how thin this 2014 diary began?

¿Recordáis cómo de fina comenzó la agenda de 2014?




Now it’s time to write all the resolutions for 2015, all the memories, all the ideas and all the tiny and great moments. This year I’ve decided to change a little bit my diary… I recall something I wrote some months ago:

Time is said not to be plain. I depart from the idea that all days have 24 hours but not everyday has the same length. One day can be lived as endless, and another as if it hadn’t existed, not worth to be remembered. I’ve decided to plan my own diary in 2015 but I’ll do it on the go. Which means that the day I draw on the diary will have the same length in time as in paper.

Ahora es momento the escribir todos los propósitos para 2015, todos los recuerdos, todas las ideas y todos los pequeños y grandiosos momentos. Este año he decidido cambiar un poco mi agenda… Para ello, recuerdo algo que escribí hace unos meses:

El tiempo se supone que no es algo plano. Parto de la idea de que todos los días tienen 24 horas, pero no todos tienen la misma duración. Un día puede ser vivido como interminable, y otro como no si no hubiera existido, no es merecedor de ser recordado. He decidido organizar mi propia agenda en 2015, pero lo haré sobre la marcha. Lo que significa que el día que dibuje en la agenda tendrá la misma duración en el tiempo que en el papel.



Let’s this 2015 get started.

Que empiece este 2015.

The photo in the photo

When I took the photo of my agendas, I also took this photo with the instax back of my Diana… This is the photo of that photo.

Cuando hice la foto de mis agendas, también hice esta otra foto con el instax back de mi Diana… Ésta es la foto de esa foto.


I named it “Where the past and the future join together”. Which is, by the way, the present.

La llamé “Donde el pasado y el futuro se unen”. Que es, por cierto, el presente.

Bye bye 2013 ~ Welcome 2014

2013 has finally ended… it’s been a pretty nice year, with some ups and downs but good. Now it’s time to think about our old resolutions and the new ones {my first one is to recover from this horrible cold I have…}

El 2013 finalmente ha terminado… ha sido un año bastante bueno, con algunos altibajos pero interesante. Ahora es momento de pensar en los viejos propósitos y en los nuevos {el primero de mi lista es recuperarme de este horrible catarro que tengo…}

Bye bye 2013The end of the year for me is having a moment to flick through the pages of my diary… my agenda. There is what I’ve done in the whole year… with notes, post-it, stickers…

El final del año para mí es tomarme un momento para hojear las páginas de mi agenda. Ahí está lo que he hecho en todo el año… con notas, post-it, pegatinas…

Bye bye 2013In 2013 I chose a red Moleskine. Which I decorate with Lomography gift paper, different washi tapes, stickers, drawings…..

En 2013 elegí una agenda roja Moleskine. La cual decoré con papel de regalo de Lomography, diferentes washi tapes, pegatinas, dibujos…..

Bye bye 2013For 2014 I found a brand called Aquarupella, this time my agenda will be smaller and in French!

Para el 2014 encontré una marca llamada Aquarupella, esta vez mi agenda será más pequeña… ¡y en francés!

Welcome 2014Welcome 2014

I can’t wait to fill it with great memories!!

¡¡Estoy deseando llenarla con grandes momentos!!