Berlin postcard

I don’t know why there were this kind of cars all over Berlin… maybe it’s a tourist thing? Anyway, these three cars were great to make this postcard, half a photograph, half something else. I wanted to give it an old and kitsch look.

Aah… the good old days with their good old cars.




No sé muy bien por qué había tantos coches de este estilo por todo Berlín… ¿quizá por algo turístico? Sea como fuere, estos tres coches eran geniales para hacer esta postal, mitad foto, mitad lo que sea. Quería darle un aspecto un poco viejo y “kitsch”.

Aah… los buenos y viejos tiempos con sus buenos y viejos coches.


Super quick post just to say a big and smiley thank you!

Un post super rápido sólo para daros un enorme y sonriente ¡gracias!


I like to change the wallpaper, sounds and colours of my computer from time to time {I do it also with my phone!} I used my favourite photographs or images from Internet but a few months ago I decided to create my own wallpapers and calendars {another passion}

I made this one last night, I finished it at 3 am! but inspiration doesn’t have time rules…

I hope you like it!!

The Invaders are here!!

I love graphic design, but I’m not very good at it… That’s why I almost never show my design work. This poster is an exception, I love it!

{Maybe the sunburst isn’t the best thing I did, but… I like it anyway. I think that you should really love your art, if you don’t, who will?}

New Year’s Resolutions

1st of January is, maybe, the day when everybody is doing the same thing: lists about resolutions for the New Year that comes…


In the last days of December and the first of January I like to do a compendium, to summarize the year, trying to reflect on the good things, the bad stuff and of course, see if the last year’s resolutions have been achieved. 2011 has been, in general, a tough and depressing year, horrible year, thank goodness with a few moments of happiness.


My wish for 2012 is more happiness, a job (oh I really really need it!!!) and the hope of finding the light in the darkness. Ok, and a few more resolutions… here they are:


PS: more a wish than a resolution is my desire to go to Japan 😉  … but I feel I can’t make it this year… 😦