When someone first told me about Superlambanana I thought it was the stupidest thing I ever heard of. But then I saw them in Liverpool and I grew fond of them. I even bought a keychain with a small blue one.

This bright yellow Superlambanana is my favourite (mostly because it’s the biggest and yellow, a colour I’m obsessed with), it’s outside the Avril Robarts Library (Liverpool John Moores University). The sculpture was created by artist Taro Chiezo for the art exhibition Go Superlambananas! during the city’s European Capital of Culture in 2008. There are more of them spread around the city with different designs made by local groups of artists. It’s something to look for when visiting Liverpool and a fun thing to do trying to catch them all on camera 🙂


La primera vez que me hablaron del Superlambanana pensé que era lo más estúpido que había oído jamás. Pero después los vi en Liverpool y les cogí cariño. Incluso me compré un llavero con uno pequeñito en azul. Este Superlambanana de color amarillo chillón es mi favorito (principalmente porque es el más grande y es amarillo, un color que me obsesiona), está frente a la Avril Robarts Library (Liverpool John Moores University). La escultura fue creada por Taro Chiezo para la exposición Go Superlambananas! durante la Capital Europea de la Cultura en 2008. Hay más repartidos por toda la ciudad con diferentes diseños realizados por grupos locales de artistas. Es algo que merece la pena buscar si visitáis Liverpool y muy divertido intentar fotografiarlos a todos 🙂


One thought on “Superlambanana

  1. I had the same reaction! They appeared when I was in my first year and L’pool was the capital of culture. I remember them all being lined up outside the town hall before they were auctioned off and being so impressed by the variety and creativity

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