In the beginning I didn’t like jazz… I thought it was just a dissonant sound with no rules, musical notes at the mercy of the players. But I grew fond of it, I started to understand a little bit the rythms, the different instruments {oh! how I love the tenor saxophone now!}

I still have no idea about music, but now I can say I love jazz and I’d love to learn how to play the piano just to be a little bit near those amazing sounds.


Al principio no me gustaba el jazz… Pensaba que simplemente eran sonidos disonantes sin orden ni concierto, notas musicales a merced de los intérpretes. Pero le fui cogiendo gusto, y empecé a entender un poco los ritmos, los diferentes instrumentos {¡oh! ¡lo que me gusta ahora el saxo tenor!}

Sigo sin tener ni idea de música, pero ahora puedo decir que adoro el jazz y que me encantaría aprender a tocar el piano sólo para estar un poco más cerca de esos increíbles sonidos.

2 thoughts on “Jazz

  1. That’s cool. Jazz is a big, broad universe of music. And like all interesting and worthwhile art, the observer/listener has to do some active seeking to understand and “get” what’s going on.
    Great pic by the way.

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