Old books

I love books. A lot. Especially old books {mmh that smell… }

Now that I think of it, if I had to make a list of the things I love the most, books would be at the same level as photography and {my} cameras…

Adoro los libros. Mucho. Especialmente los libros viejos {mmh ese olor…}

Ahora que lo pienso, si tuviera que hacer una lista de las cosas que más me gustan, los libros estarían al mismo nivel que la fotografiá y {mis} cámaras…

Old books

Those books are from El Rastro. I should do a series about books, old books, bookstores and libraries… I’d love that. I just found a new project.

Estos libros son de El Rastro. Debería hacer una serie sobre libros, libros viejos, librerías y bibliotecas… Me encantaría. Acabo de encontrar proyecto nuevo.

6 thoughts on “Old books

      • I watched a wonderful interview with Agnes Martin where she talks about being able to execute inspiration, and stop thinking. She saw thinking getting in the way of inspiration 🙂

      • Yeah you’re right… 🙂 thinking doesn’t help sometimes hahaha
        I’ll check out that interview, seems interesting 😉

        (for me, the things I have closer are usually the ones I don’t get photographed… @-@ )

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