Analogue love: Aranjuez

Aranjuez is one of my favourite places to take photographs, especially in autumn and spring. The gardens of the Royal Palace are amazing.

Aranjuez es uno de mis sitios favoritos para hacer fotos, sobre todo en otoño y primavera. Los jardines del Palacio Real son increíbles.

Analogue Aranjuez

San antonio church / iglesia de San Antonio

This time the camera was my old Halina Paulette. I love this camera but for now I’m trying not to use it {I really have to hold me back!} because the film wind is almost blocked and I panic just to think it might break while winding the film… I’m searching photography shops and repair services that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg… I’m dying to use it again! The film was a Colour slides Fujichrome Sensia with ASA/ISO 100, expired in October 2010, so the developing was cross-process, which, by the way, I love.

Esta vez la cámara fue mi vieja Halina Paulette. Me encanta esta cámara pero por ahora estoy intentando no usarla {¡y realmente tengo que contenerme!} porque el arrastre del carrete está casi bloqueado y me entra el pánico sólo de pensar que pueda romperse al pasar el carrete… Estoy buscando tiendas de fotografía y servicios de reparación que no me cuesten un ojo de la cara… ¡Me muero de ganas de volver a usarla! El carrete era un Fujichrome Sensia para diapositivas a color, con ASA/ISO 100, caducado desde octubre de 2010, así que el revelado fue de proceso cruzado, que, por cierto, me encanta.

ReflectionsThis is one of my favourite photographs… When I took it I didn’t know if it’ll come out well… but that’s the magic of analogue photographs! {and expired films} But when I saw it I just love it. I hope you like it too!

Ésta es una de mis fotos favoritas… Cuando la tomé no sabía si saldría bien… pero ¡ésa es la magia de la fotografía analógica! {y los carretes caducados} Pero cuando la vi simplemente me encantó. ¡Espero que también os guste!

3 thoughts on “Analogue love: Aranjuez

  1. Full power to you to have the strength of will to kick on with ‘real photography’. I’ve found that to do it I have to leave my digital camera at home!
    both shots are very nice. I can see the location is full of possibilities.

    • Thanks!! 🙂 yes, it’s a great place, I have a lot of photographs of it, but I never got tired hehehe.
      I love analogue photography, it has something that catch me and I just can’t let it go 😉 but it’s expensive, so I don’t do it as much as I’d like… Analogue also helps me to have a good eye, a good sense of composition… it helps me to think about the kind of photograph I want to take, not just shot without sense (of course I think all my photographs but with digital photography sometimes it’s like “ah ok, I have a lot of space, I can do the same shot and then choose the best…” with analogue it’s different)

      • Absolutely – I have access to a medium format camera and that really slows me down, I take far fewer pics. I know a few photographers who take out their large format 5×4 cameras and tripods – they don’t have a problem if they come home with no picture at all, they are that careful about wasting film. 😉

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