Cupcakes with Lidia

Last week my friend Lidia proposed me an idea, an exchange: she made cupcakes {well, she made all sort of cakes and baking, but her speciality are cupcakes} and I take pictures, so why not doing an exchange of tips?

We made Oreo cupcakes and she explained me a lot of things, tips that I didn’t know like how to mix the ingredients or how to use the pastry bag properly {my biggest enemy} and ingredients I didn’t know they even exist.

She also told me how to use fondant, which I’ve never used before {it seemed so difficult!} and I discovered my new passion. It’s great and not as difficult as I imagined! And the best part is that you can make whatever you want with it. We did some flowers, lilies and I even try with a rose!

That’s my rose! Of course, Lidia has much more practice than me, so she can make big, great roses like this one:

She also has a blog, called Salado no, ¡gracias! {Not salted, thanks!} Such a great blog! She has received three blog awards just in this week!! And some orders too! I’m very happy for her because she’s doing what she loves and adding some sugar to other people’s lifes, which is always great.

We had a few problems with the topping but as all has its reward, ours were the great time, the laughs and of course, the cupcakes, which were delicious!!!



5 thoughts on “Cupcakes with Lidia

    • Thanks!!
      Nope… I don’t have any studio setup or even a decent flash… (just the one attached to the camera), I just used a lamp and a mirror to correct a bit the shadows… and a 70-300 zoom lens, most of the photos were taken at 133 zoom (some at 55 zoom with a 18-55 mm zoom) to focus just one zone. I would like to use natural light but it was late so I needed to use the lamp (I don’t like the effect of the attached flash)

      • Thanks for tips! I have a lamp which I use for mine too but not a mirror… good plan to get the light evened out.

        Natural daylight would always be lovely, but it never seems to stick around long enough!

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