Blue hour

I declare myself an absolute lover of the blue hour.

The blue hour is just a brief moment, that special and magical moment of the morning and evening when there is neither daylight nor darkness, but a mixture of both. The light is so perfect and beautiful that it makes the sky looking amazingly blue.

Although this phenomenon occurs twice a day (at sunrise and at sunset), all my photos are taking at sunset, there is no particular reason, I just happen to be awake at that time of the day.



4 thoughts on “Blue hour

  1. Hm… I used to love magic hour, but I prefered morning light. But since recently I went even farther – I look for first sun-beams to light up some object I shoot. It makes this mix of blue&yellow colors combined.

  2. Hi, these are incredible photos! I love the blue hour too! There’s just a certain magic to it! It like you can walk around and nothing bad would dare happen! Thank you for the follow! I’ll be very happy to see more of these! Keep capturing the moment!

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