Halloween vs Don Juan Tenorio

More and more we celebrate Halloween but there were a time in Spain when we just celebrated Don Juan Tenorio with an anual representation. In fact, in Alcalá de Henares is still celebrating what it’s called ‘Don Juan Itinerante’, it consists in the typical representation but instead of in a theatre it is in the city of Alcalá, so the actors and actress (and the public, of course) are moving through the city during the performance. I’ve never had the opportunity to go and I’d loved to because it seems really interesting. The representation is just 2 days, usually the 31st and 1st.

My 2 favourites quotes of the book written by José Zorrilla are the beginning, when Don Juan Tenorio and Don Luis Mejía are explaining their respectives conquests, and a phrase Don Juan says at the end of the first part, he is disappointed and hopeless about God, and it says like this: “Clamé al Cielo y no me oyó, / y pues sus puertas me cierra, / de mis pasos en la tierra / responda el Cielo, y no yo.”  (I called to Heaven: it did not see, / and since it closes its doors, / to my whole earthly course, / let Heaven be blamed, not me)

Each year I read the book, sometimes from cover to cover, sometimes I just open it and read a passage.

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