Coffee time

I spend most of my time in different cafés, looking through my camera the clients, the mood, the coffee, all the stories that pop up into my mind while drinking a good served coffee. I always carry around a notebook, my fountain pen and the old analogue camera I got in a street market. I could use a smartphone but I feel it kills part of the fun, as I firmly believe that some things take time and the only way to enjoy them is by slowing down our steps.


The fierce of nature

It’s incredible how nature can create something as beautiful as this. And how we are so stupid not to see it and keep destroying our Earth.



A few days ago I was processing some photographs of the Harry Potter Exhibition in Madrid for my share of (my) other blog [ if you’re interested] and I came up with this photograph / edition. I love the way it has turned out, the colours and shadows, it reminds me of a vanitas …


I hate clowns, they are the creepiest creatures. Especially clown dolls. Ugh.

This one is from the Harry Potter Exhibition in Madrid, the figure the Boggart turned into in the 3rd movie. What would that Boggart have turned to for me?